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Jesse Eaton

jesseantoneaton [gmail]
(631) 880-0732
San Francisco, CA


I am a computational biologist interested in fighting genetic disease. I currently work as a machine learning researcher at Freenome.

When I am not doing science, you can find me playing soccer or watching Rick and Morty. I also play Overwatch and Rocket League which I consistantly lose to my friend Matt.

  • HB

    Hampton Bays High School

    Hampton Bays, NY

    2008 to 2011

    Hampton Bays gave me a superb public school education. My math teacher Mrs. Price and physics teacher Mr. Bauman are two of the best teachers I have encountered and helped establish my strong foundation in mathematics and science.

  • T

    Tufts University

    Boston, MA

    2011 to 2015

    Here I learned biomedical engineering from professors Georgakoudi, Fantini, and Hunter and computer science from spectacular instructors Benjamin Hescott and Lenore Cowen. I learned techniques of biological research and the importance of efficient algorithms for large biological data sets.

  • M

    MITRE Corporation

    Bedford, MA

    2015 to 2016

    I designed and developed an electronic medical record validation tool called Cypress. Coding primarily in Go and Ruby, I honed my programming skills and became an organized and efficient coder.

  • CMU

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Pittsburgh, PA

    2016 to 2017

    With excellent statistics professors Joel Greenhouse and Larry Wasserman and outstanding research professors Russell Schwartz and Jian Ma, I have explored the space of machine learning and applied this to research in genetics.

  • Q


    Pittsburgh, PA

    2018 to 2019

    My position as a machine learning research engineer has allowed me to explore machine learning problems with extremely small time and space constraints. Carnegie Mellon professor Chris Harrison has also shown me a correct problem definition is essential to success.

  • Fn


    South San Francisco, CA

    2019 to Present

    I am a machine learning researcher at Freenome.


Historically, mathematics and physics have been my two favorite topics. However more recently I have become interested in computer science and using statistics to understand biological problems from data.


Here is my resume.

Here are my research papers.

Eaton J, Wang J, Schwartz R, et al. Deconvolution and phylogeny inference of structural variations in tumor genomic samples. Bioinformatics 2018; 34:i357–i365
Link to Bioinformatics

Here are my formula sheets.

Comp Sci


Contact Info

Looking to collaborate or just want to chat? Please feel free to reach out.

jesseantoneaton [gmail]
(631) 880-0732
San Francisco, CA

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